2. Sezz duck is getting ready to enjoy the sun and the pool next Friday ! And you ? Do you Saint-Tropez at hotelsezz ?

  3. D-9 before reopening ! Sezz St. Tropez :-)

  4. Hotel Sezz St-Tropez is getting ready to host you on the 18th of April !

  5. Hotel Sezz St.Tropez will reopen in exactly one month !


  6. A great article on Hotel Sezz Paris, from Ivânia Diamond.

  7. The sun rises over Sezz St. Tropez


  9. If you are on ski vacations, Sezz duck wishes you very good holidays !

  10. As Christophe Pillet says:” I designed furnishings which are timeless and well-crafted. They are equally suited to the public areas as well as to the guestrooms”.
    Below for Sezz St-Tropez: Shahan table and Jade armchair.
    For Sezz Paris: Sezz armchair and Stainless stool.