1. Joyeuses Pâques !
    Happy Easter !

  2. Ani and her team are happy to welcome you to Sezz St-Tropez, celebrating its opening day for an exciting new season 2014 !


  4. Sezz duck is getting ready to enjoy the sun and the pool next Friday ! And you ? Do you Saint-Tropez at hotelsezz ?

  5. D-9 before reopening ! Sezz St. Tropez :-)

  6. Hotel Sezz St-Tropez is getting ready to host you on the 18th of April !

  7. Hotel Sezz St.Tropez will reopen in exactly one month !


  8. A great article on Hotel Sezz Paris, from Ivânia Diamond.

  9. The sun rises over Sezz St. Tropez